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Ok, this is pretty cool. I’m sitting here getting a haircut (actually my 13 year old son is in the chair…I’m next) and I’m connected to my Razr 2 bluetooth phone with my Nokia n800 and writing this blog post. I now have anytime, anywhere net access. It’s a bit slow, but “doable” for email, slow surfing, twittering, and blogging. I can also SSH into my servers and “fix stuff”. Truly mobile internet…very cool.


You may think of Wal-Mart as a down-market PC seller, but as emails in
the Vista “junk PC” case show, Wal-Mart was furious at Microsoft’s
Vista Capable scheme, and thought that Vista Home Basic never should
have been developed, much less released. They’re not alone. Other
retailers, notably Office Depot, thought Vista Home Basic should have
been killed. Here’s all the dirt, including emails.  Click below to read the entire article:

Wal-Mart: Microsoft should kill Vista Home Basic | Computerworld Blogs


Could Asus EeePC change classroom computing? I’m sure most of you have heard of the OLPC (one laptop per child) and how it promises to revolutionize the way children around the world access information. There’s a new player in the small and inexpensive laptop market…the EeePC. eeeepc kids Check it out…let me know your thoughts…


I finally got it working! It was actually quite simple…basically a matter of me not following directions 😉 What am I talking about? I am making this blog post from my Nokia N800 internet tablet Click Here for more info. I’m using a neat little program called MaemoPY which is a blogging agent that allows you to post to your blog (WordPress or Blogger) and have all the features of a blogging client on a desktop computer.
n800 blogging
I’m pretty excited now that my mobile blogging can be kicked up a notch. Of course, I could blog via email or via the web browser, but this is so much more powerful and better for me. Keep a lookout for more mobile blog posts! If you have an N800 or N810, I encourage you to give MaemoPy a try!